Installation of Valentine V1 remote display unit
next to clock in center dashboard



  1. Remove the clock console from the top of the dashboard. This is difficult sometimes. Lift the forward edge (closest to the windshield) first until it pops free. Then tilt up and simultaneously lift out the rear edge of the console. It takes a very strong pull to disengage the rear latches.
  2. Disconnect the clock cable.
  3. Take the console to your workbench and remove the clock.
  4. File down the left side of the clock so it fits flush against the right side of the V1 remote display unit.
  5. Using a fine tooth saw, like a jewelers saw or very thin backsaw, saw away the ribs where the units will sit behind the console, and cut into the back of the console as shown in the picture, so the units will sit flush. Also, use a coping saw to enlarge the rectangular clock opening until it is wide enough to display both units together.

  1. Use files to square up the corners and generally make the display units fit the console.
  2. Get a helper for the gluing step.
  3. When you are satisfied the units fit nicely and tight against the edge of the console opening, so no glue will run into the visible side of things, mix up some 5-minute epoxy.
  4. Dab some epoxy on the right end of the V1 display unit and press the clock against it in approximately the right location.
  5. While you hold the units in place with your thumbs as shown in the photo, have your helper dab on some epoxy along the joints between the console and the two units. Itís best to practice this first before actually mixing the epoxy!
  6. Continue to hold the assembly immobile while the epoxy sets. Holding it closely under a desk lamp to add some heat will accelerate the cure. Have your helper monitor the remaining mixed epoxy to determine when it is safe to let go of the assembly. Here is how the finished assembly should look:
  7. Take the assembly back to your waiting WRX.
  8. Run the telephone cable from the V1 radar detector to the remote display unit, generally under the edge of the windshield trim, down the door post, and under the dash.
  9. Connect the V1 remote display and the clock cable.
  11. Reinstall the console into the opening, engaging the rear edge first (closest to you), then popping down the other edge last.